Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting it together:)

I am slowly getting my things together to make my bag. I have a old well worn pair of jeans from hubby to cut the legs off of. The neat part is they are button up 501's . Thought that is really kool for the effects sake. Not to mention the added pockets. I figure I will make good use of the fringing along the bottom once I cut the legs off. I have some tatting I intend to applique direct to the jeans. So far Karey Solomon's Buttonwood pattern. I made this pattern in Valdani variegated thread for the trunk and branches and Trebizon Pure Silk thread because I didn't have any size 10. I used the long picots instead of joining to the button simply because it's my personal quirk, I don't like thread showing over the button in the joins. But the disadvantage is the button will need to be secured when sewn down because it tends to flip otherwise. The buttons I got from JoAnn Fabrics. I really like the effect of the spiral chains to make the branches. Over all this patter doesn't stand on its own because of the nature of the pattern so it's ideal for this project and the applique.

Another tatting I will attach to the bag is an 8 point snowflake. This one is a pattern by Patti Duff from 1999. It's called Deep Scallop Edging Snowflake. The way the snowflake is constructed one gets creates 3D effect that makes it look more like a flower than a snowflake. It's really easy to make. I got one done in a evening working on it off and on. It's made with Olympus Thread size 40 and size 11 Charlotte beads. Sorry it got kinda squashed in the scanner. But basically when the center is gathered up it creates to layers to make it look 3D. I need to find a nice jewel to add to the center as well.
This was an interesting experience first time I have ever used this blogger thing. Funny I find making web pages from scratch much easier...LOL The pictures don't keep disappearing on me and the text stays where I put it.
Happiest Tatting,

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Vivian Miranda said...

Hello loved friend, recently time that I am learning frivolite, this work is very pretty I hope algun day to manage to do it, affections vivi