Monday, May 7, 2007

More Bag Information

In answer to several questions about the bags in no particular order.

  • Does the bag have to be denim? No. You can use what you like.
  • Can I use just the leg of the jeans? Yes. The important part is covering it with tatting.
  • I can't sew, can I use a premade bag? Yes
  • Sounds like fun, can I join? Yes, just send me your email address here so that you can post your progress on this blog.

The following links will take you to various web sites with instructions on constructing a bag, ideas for making different kinds of bags and some for decorating bags. Notice that one of the links shows bags made out of nothing more than the back pockets. This is great for beginner tatters who don't have a big stash of tatted bits to work with. Purple links for How-To pages, Green links for eye candy.

In a minute ago blog - Bags of fun


Croque-choux blog - It's in the bag

Stephanie's Stitching Studio - Tote bags

Bootie Bags! - Bags

Margaritaville store - Denim Jean Bags

Huabags - Bags

Ethnicware Limited Co - Fashionable Bag

CraftBits - Recycled Overalls Bag

Craftzine - Make a recycled jeans backpack

ReThreds - Handbags

DIY Network - Recycled Jeans Pocket

WSU 4H program - Big chunks into Tote bags --PDF file

Lacy Days - Recycled jeans

Craftster Org - Jeans to Backpack

Craftster Org - Lazy Girl Backpack

Celtic's Lacing - Hector tatting event bags

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***Jon**** said...

Thanks for the links Sharon. Like Laura, I am still in the 'creative process' ;) and the links will help.