Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Tatting Challenge

OK. So here we are with a new challenge. I started writing about this on my blog here and to save time and space I won't repeat it. Most of the folks involved in the 25 Motif challenge are well on their way to completing their 25 motives. In fact a lot of them have finished and started over again. So it's time for something new and different. This time we're going to take an old pair of denim jeans, cut the legs off and sew the cut end across the crotch to make a bag. That's the trash part.

Then we're going to take our tatting scraps, our misfit bits, our snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, doilies, edgings and all of that and we are going to creatively and artisticly attach them to the bags to create awsome and wonderful treasures.

The bags will be durable because they will be made out of denim and they will be beautiful because they'll be covered in tatting. They will be useful, because you will make them to suit your purpose. It can be a diaper bag to carry all the baby paraphernalia, a craft tote for all of your portable crafting needs, a book bag to carry your homework in, a shopping bag to carry your groceries in, or a little pouch just big enough for your shuttles and needles.

You can add quilting to it, or embroidery, use fabric paints or dyes or whatever you like. Just be creative and have fun with it, but most of all show us pictures, lots of lovely pictures. Tell us what you're doing, what's giving you problems, and what's fun to play with.

If you want to join send me an email sharon at gagechek dot com and I'll add you onto this blog so you can start posting your pictures and comments.

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