Friday, May 25, 2007

A Previous Small Bag I have Decorated

I have never tried to decorate bags until I particpated in the Jan 2006 bag exchange organised by Mary Donohue. Besides the 2 bags I sent to my partners, I decorated a 3rd one which is similar to 1 of the 2 bags I sent out. The ready-made canvas bag was about 5.5" by 4". I tatted the flower motifs from a Japanese book with Coats 20 threads and glued them on the bag with fabric glue. I must say although I'm quite pleased with the bag, I have not used it much, perhaps from fear of dirtying it.

Well, for this current challenge, I have a bag bought previously - 12" by 9" dark blue denim. It's plain on both sides, but with a beaded Chinese character on the 3" wide strap on each side of the bag. I'm starting slowly on this project. Just finished a flower motif from Jan Stawasz's book. I'm planning to tat more of Jan's flower motifs in different colours for 1 face of the bag. Well, pictures in the next post.

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