Friday, May 11, 2007

waiting to start

Okay, I don't wear jeans. I can't wear jeans. I wear a leg brace and my legs are different lengths anyway, so you wouldn't want to see what I look like in jeans - neither would I - so I don't own a pair.

But I got brave at work, so I asked my boss if he had a spare pair. He did - they're incredibly ratty and threadbare and bleached-out, and came with comments along the lines of "At last we're getting into each others' pants." I put them on a kitchen chair when I got home and couldn't bring myself to do anything with them.

Yesterday I stopped at a thrift shop and got a pair of nearly new, size 10 Calvin Klein jeans for $1. They're a deep blue and they'd work well... except I looked at them again and thought, they might just fit my step-daughter. So I'll wait until she has a chance to look at them before I decide. I might be back to no jeans again... or have to work with John's bleached-out pair.

But I'm very slowly making progress...

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