Saturday, June 23, 2007

Backside of Purse

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I was able to tat two more items for the backside of my little purse. This is a small purse and just my style. I loaded it up with my personal items and gave it a test run and guess what? It's my new favorite purse!
I just LOVE it!
In the beginning I thought this one would be a give away, but nope, I'm going to be selfish and keep it all to myself and I couldn't be more delighted.
The tatting on this purse is in size 80 thread. The gorgeous brown thread belonged to my great grandmother and was given to me recently by a great aunt along with one of her shuttles. So it makes this purse extra special.
I attached the tatting to the purse by carefully sewing it with invisible thread. Talk about a pain in the tush, but well worth it in the end.

Here's just a side note. If you, as I do, suffer from ....let's say ...a rather large "posterior region" apparently pockets on the back of your pants minimize the appearance of the size of your rear. Whereas pants with nothing on the tush area maximize it. I believe this to be true.

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