Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photos of my bag

This is how far I have decorated the front, I have added a few beads that were floating around my tatting box. And all my learning motifs that I didn't know what to use for. I haven't decided what to use for handles yet, The back is only just begun, I found a long piece of shiny gold chiffon, so twisted it and couched it on for a different effect, Am now wondering what to do next, so back to gazing mode!!


Gina said...

Great way to use all those bits and pieces. I recognize a Konior pattern on the pocket!
:-) Gina

Marty said...

I really like the way you've put the edging around the bottom. Makes it look like a pair of gussied up "Daisy Dukes". Now we all have to start carrying these around to amaze our friends and neighbors (and make them jealous)!