Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bag 1 of 3

A couple of years ago I designed a basketful of 3D flowers for the newsletter. I had intended on attaching them to a pillow. Two years later they were still laying on the top of a box waiting. I had to move them off of the box top to get into the box and I slid them onto one of my black craft bags. They looked pretty good, so I took the long car ride to the family reunion to sew them down. I was sewing them onto a bag stuffed full of picnic stuff like extra jeans shirts jackets and whatever didn't fit into the picnic hamper, so they didn't get positioned quite where I wanted them and I wasn't about to un-stitch them. Fortunately there were a couple of little butterflies stuck in the bag just the right size to fill in the gaps. So here's the first of my bags.

I figure I'll have to do 3 bags because as I posted on my personal blog, I already have 2 pre-made bags and the whole point of this exercise was to make a bag from jeans. My jeans are black and both bags are black so it looks like a black background is going to be a recurring theme.

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Tattycat said...

The basket full of flowers is sweet as can be!