Saturday, September 8, 2007

Not Quite 1/4 Done

It needs more butterflies and flowers, but the right side of the front of my jeans purse is nearly done. The free-form bit seems to work as a pond -- at least the family thinks it does. That's one of Jane Eborall's flamingos standing in the pond (the Pamela Myers version), and Jane's swan. I decided the swan had to be a duck, though -- the size compare to the flamingo means it's too little to be a swan. The fishes I found somewhere on the web years ago and have been doing them as doodles ever since. If you recognize them as yours, please let me know! [11-10-2007, found the fish -- they are Sharon Albers' "Little Fishies"] Finally I've done a lot of four ring butterflies to set off the profile butterfly by Sherry Pence. Then I modified Sherry's pattern slightly and made a whole butterfly with it. Still -- it needs more little flowers and more little butterflies. I'm going to make more and sew 'em on as soon as my hand is working right (er, left...)


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the way you're turning your bag into a tatted picture! It would make a wonderful illustration for a children's book about a magical kingdom!

Marty said...

Ahhh, thanks! You should hear the stories my 5-year-old niece tells about it. :)