Monday, May 28, 2007

Found My Bag

Naturally, it was right where I left it ... I just had a hard time remembering where that was. It was with all the other purses I don't use on a regular basis. It's completely undecorated right now. It has a gusset in the bottom, a zipper in the top gusset, and a nice lining. That makes a secret hiding place if I unzip the front zipper, but it looks a bit bizarre if I go rooting around in there!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gathering my stuff

I now have the jeans and all sewing items needed to assemble my purse. I'm working on collecting my tatting now. My 3-year-old daughter Emma helped me bead the handles last night, so I'm on my way!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Previous Small Bag I have Decorated

I have never tried to decorate bags until I particpated in the Jan 2006 bag exchange organised by Mary Donohue. Besides the 2 bags I sent to my partners, I decorated a 3rd one which is similar to 1 of the 2 bags I sent out. The ready-made canvas bag was about 5.5" by 4". I tatted the flower motifs from a Japanese book with Coats 20 threads and glued them on the bag with fabric glue. I must say although I'm quite pleased with the bag, I have not used it much, perhaps from fear of dirtying it.

Well, for this current challenge, I have a bag bought previously - 12" by 9" dark blue denim. It's plain on both sides, but with a beaded Chinese character on the 3" wide strap on each side of the bag. I'm starting slowly on this project. Just finished a flower motif from Jan Stawasz's book. I'm planning to tat more of Jan's flower motifs in different colours for 1 face of the bag. Well, pictures in the next post.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting it together:)

I am slowly getting my things together to make my bag. I have a old well worn pair of jeans from hubby to cut the legs off of. The neat part is they are button up 501's . Thought that is really kool for the effects sake. Not to mention the added pockets. I figure I will make good use of the fringing along the bottom once I cut the legs off. I have some tatting I intend to applique direct to the jeans. So far Karey Solomon's Buttonwood pattern. I made this pattern in Valdani variegated thread for the trunk and branches and Trebizon Pure Silk thread because I didn't have any size 10. I used the long picots instead of joining to the button simply because it's my personal quirk, I don't like thread showing over the button in the joins. But the disadvantage is the button will need to be secured when sewn down because it tends to flip otherwise. The buttons I got from JoAnn Fabrics. I really like the effect of the spiral chains to make the branches. Over all this patter doesn't stand on its own because of the nature of the pattern so it's ideal for this project and the applique.

Another tatting I will attach to the bag is an 8 point snowflake. This one is a pattern by Patti Duff from 1999. It's called Deep Scallop Edging Snowflake. The way the snowflake is constructed one gets creates 3D effect that makes it look more like a flower than a snowflake. It's really easy to make. I got one done in a evening working on it off and on. It's made with Olympus Thread size 40 and size 11 Charlotte beads. Sorry it got kinda squashed in the scanner. But basically when the center is gathered up it creates to layers to make it look 3D. I need to find a nice jewel to add to the center as well.
This was an interesting experience first time I have ever used this blogger thing. Funny I find making web pages from scratch much easier...LOL The pictures don't keep disappearing on me and the text stays where I put it.
Happiest Tatting,

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pockets on the inside

Well, I now have two itty-bitty pair of jeans from my daughter. I was thinking about turning them inside out so the pockets would be inside to hold stuff. Also, I found a little denim skirt that would make a nice purse. I'll have to decide.

In the meantime, we had a calamity at MIL's house Friday afternoon. Long story, but a wreck in front of the house ripped the power off of the house which caused a fire. No one was hurt and damage is light compared to other horror stories. However the house is not fit for habitation and we have her, (and her two little dogs), in a motel room right now. I'm fighting with two insurance companies. The lady at fault called her company and told them she hit a mailbox! She clipped a power pole in half and kept on going for about 60 more feet! I don't think she did that going the speed limit! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we try to sort through all of this red tape and get the house fixed. Maybe I can tat while we sit in court! HAHA!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I have identifed my victim. I found a pair of jeans in my closet that would take Cinderella's fairy godmother to get me back into. I will sacrifice them to Pursephone (goddess of purses). Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh, for Pete's Sake! I'm sorting and cleaning and in that batch of clearance stuff I bought, there IS a denim sling this will be next on the agenda.
:-) Gina
Speed sewing a bag! Fun to watch....put your tatting where the pipe is painted on this one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Making of another bag

I know I have already made one before this challenge came about......still have to take a pic of it to show you........but there is no reason why I can't make another. This time I am going to make it a backpack style with a top loop and long straps to go over my arms with a draw string closure and flap that will buckle. I could use a backpack to carry my things to and from work. I walk to work when I can and even tho I have a black leather briefcase with a shoulder strap and is becoming really heavy lately, I think this will be more sporty looking. And then adorn it with my tatting bits. Actually I think I will use the motifs and edgings from other tatters that I have received in exchanges when I used to do a lot of that. No sense in letting them sit idle in a folder and never see daylight! This way they can be shown :)

Thanks Sharon for providing this challenge.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Parts Purse

Yup. Mom and I made a couple in ...hmmmmm... late 1970 or early 1980. They use the top of the pair of jeans -- hence what mom called just "the good part". I've still got mine. I think I'll just decorate one of those, because mom did all the really difficult sewing. Mine have a gusset in the top and bottom, are lined and have a zipper closure in the top. I have not yet hunted one out, but have been saving all my bits and pieces for it. I'm thinking I'll just cover it completely...without a specific design motif.

Ok, I'm here...... to find an old pair of jeans that I am allowed to cut up.
I only have 2 pair to my name right now.. One I inherited from my Mom after she died, and another I found at Value Village.....I've grown out of the others and am keeping them for ......when I get a smaller posterior.
I guess I could raid the boys's piles, hmmmmmmm?
I know how to make the bags, have done that in the past. Shades of the 1970's ....... and High School.
I'll get on it and post again soon.....
Hugs to all,
CyameseTats aka Lynda

It'll be a slow start ......

..... but since Sharon said there is no time limit to this, I have decided to jump in as well. Thank you Sharon for the invitation.

I have taken out an old pair of very faded jeans. Have not worn it for a long time because of a broken zipper. Nothing is done to it yet, it is just lying there on my bed. Still working up ideas in my head and have not put anything down.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I decided to warm up with a jewelry bag kit from DMC Linea on clearance a few years ago for $2.00. The bag is premade and has lines stamped for embroidery but no floss or anything. I decided to use some leftover rayon floss. The embroidery is done in outline stitch. Embroidery is not my strong point but I enjoy it sometimes. I started that part tonight. I'll be glad to get it done - this isn't my favorite part. In the meantime, I tried out a motif I made a long time ago, intending to use it as an insertion on "something" but that "something" hasn't appeared yet. The motif is too big and a color not good for this but I like the shape so I may tat another version in a smaller thread and see how it looks.

I like the idea of using my bits and pieces to put on there and look at so I can get an idea of how it will look before I go to the trouble of tatting something.

Friday, May 11, 2007

waiting to start

Okay, I don't wear jeans. I can't wear jeans. I wear a leg brace and my legs are different lengths anyway, so you wouldn't want to see what I look like in jeans - neither would I - so I don't own a pair.

But I got brave at work, so I asked my boss if he had a spare pair. He did - they're incredibly ratty and threadbare and bleached-out, and came with comments along the lines of "At last we're getting into each others' pants." I put them on a kitchen chair when I got home and couldn't bring myself to do anything with them.

Yesterday I stopped at a thrift shop and got a pair of nearly new, size 10 Calvin Klein jeans for $1. They're a deep blue and they'd work well... except I looked at them again and thought, they might just fit my step-daughter. So I'll wait until she has a chance to look at them before I decide. I might be back to no jeans again... or have to work with John's bleached-out pair.

But I'm very slowly making progress...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Phase 1

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Since I own only three pairs of jeans I decided to go to the thrift store to purchase some. I found that all the adult jeans were too large for my liking so I went to the childrens section. I found this little girl's skirt(shorts underneath) would suit perfectly for what I have in mind. It already has some embellishment and I intend to incooporate it into the overall design.
I bought another piece for my sister so that she too can join in on this challenge. I will post pics of her work too.

Need Jeans!

I'm still waiting on my daughter to bring me a pair of her jeans. Maybe I will just go to the local thrift store and find a pair. (Her's might be too small anyway.) I have all of my bits and pieces in a bag ready to go!

Working on it!!

I have arrived and have made a start, but not worth a picture yet, just a lot of placing and standing back so far, will get my rear in gear soon,

Monday, May 7, 2007

More Bag Information

In answer to several questions about the bags in no particular order.

  • Does the bag have to be denim? No. You can use what you like.
  • Can I use just the leg of the jeans? Yes. The important part is covering it with tatting.
  • I can't sew, can I use a premade bag? Yes
  • Sounds like fun, can I join? Yes, just send me your email address here so that you can post your progress on this blog.

The following links will take you to various web sites with instructions on constructing a bag, ideas for making different kinds of bags and some for decorating bags. Notice that one of the links shows bags made out of nothing more than the back pockets. This is great for beginner tatters who don't have a big stash of tatted bits to work with. Purple links for How-To pages, Green links for eye candy.

In a minute ago blog - Bags of fun


Croque-choux blog - It's in the bag

Stephanie's Stitching Studio - Tote bags

Bootie Bags! - Bags

Margaritaville store - Denim Jean Bags

Huabags - Bags

Ethnicware Limited Co - Fashionable Bag

CraftBits - Recycled Overalls Bag

Craftzine - Make a recycled jeans backpack

ReThreds - Handbags

DIY Network - Recycled Jeans Pocket

WSU 4H program - Big chunks into Tote bags --PDF file

Lacy Days - Recycled jeans

Craftster Org - Jeans to Backpack

Craftster Org - Lazy Girl Backpack

Celtic's Lacing - Hector tatting event bags

The Creative Process

That's a nice way of saying "I haven't started yet, but I'm thinking about it." In my mind, I see an English garden with a small table covered in a lace cloth... Whoops! Too much information!
Maybe I'll have something to show before too long!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Tatting Challenge

OK. So here we are with a new challenge. I started writing about this on my blog here and to save time and space I won't repeat it. Most of the folks involved in the 25 Motif challenge are well on their way to completing their 25 motives. In fact a lot of them have finished and started over again. So it's time for something new and different. This time we're going to take an old pair of denim jeans, cut the legs off and sew the cut end across the crotch to make a bag. That's the trash part.

Then we're going to take our tatting scraps, our misfit bits, our snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, doilies, edgings and all of that and we are going to creatively and artisticly attach them to the bags to create awsome and wonderful treasures.

The bags will be durable because they will be made out of denim and they will be beautiful because they'll be covered in tatting. They will be useful, because you will make them to suit your purpose. It can be a diaper bag to carry all the baby paraphernalia, a craft tote for all of your portable crafting needs, a book bag to carry your homework in, a shopping bag to carry your groceries in, or a little pouch just big enough for your shuttles and needles.

You can add quilting to it, or embroidery, use fabric paints or dyes or whatever you like. Just be creative and have fun with it, but most of all show us pictures, lots of lovely pictures. Tell us what you're doing, what's giving you problems, and what's fun to play with.

If you want to join send me an email sharon at gagechek dot com and I'll add you onto this blog so you can start posting your pictures and comments.