Sunday, June 24, 2007

The final bit .....for now.

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I decided to use my edging to finish off the other rear pocket. I think I'll leave the purse as it is for now. I may decide to add more embellishments in the future.
Now I am just going to enjoy using it and I am sure the purse itself will become somewhat of an ambassador for tatting when I am out in the public. I'll have to be sure to bring along my tating brochures to pass out to those who are interested.

Small Beginnings

I started! So far I just have two pieces done. The first one was a bit of pocket lace -- very tentative start. Those aren't beads; they're pin heads. I don't want to fasten anything down until I'm ready with everything. If I decide to change something, it's easier that way. The other piece is really free-form. I don't want to say what it is until I see if it's going to work! It will go on the opposite side of the front of the purse from the lace and will be combined with a whole bunch of little things. I've been saving these little shuttle-end tattlings for months. I probably won't even use them all. The long threads are to attach the pieces to the purse. I'm thinking of using some embroidery stitches to tack it all down. I'm still not certain how well that might work.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Backside of Purse

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I was able to tat two more items for the backside of my little purse. This is a small purse and just my style. I loaded it up with my personal items and gave it a test run and guess what? It's my new favorite purse!
I just LOVE it!
In the beginning I thought this one would be a give away, but nope, I'm going to be selfish and keep it all to myself and I couldn't be more delighted.
The tatting on this purse is in size 80 thread. The gorgeous brown thread belonged to my great grandmother and was given to me recently by a great aunt along with one of her shuttles. So it makes this purse extra special.
I attached the tatting to the purse by carefully sewing it with invisible thread. Talk about a pain in the tush, but well worth it in the end.

Here's just a side note. If you, as I do, suffer from ....let's say ...a rather large "posterior region" apparently pockets on the back of your pants minimize the appearance of the size of your rear. Whereas pants with nothing on the tush area maximize it. I believe this to be true.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Change of plans

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This is my little sister's purse which I promised to post here. I have been trying to teach her to tat for quite some time. She was successfull with rings and chains but she soon lost interest. Aw well, I tried. She spent a lot of time sewing on all those little buttons. Cute eh?

So I abandoned my little skirt purse because I couldn't get inspired by it and most of all I couldn't visualize what it was going to look like in the end. I think I was caught up in my dislike for pastel colors so I went back to the drawing board. I found a dollar thrift store and bought some tiny jeans. It was hard to cut them up because I have a lot of tiny people in my life that would have looked so cute in them!
Anyway, because of the recent dog attack that has left my right hand damaged, I haven't been able to get a whole lot done. But I did pick up the tatting last night and stubbornly plodded on. I tatted these original butterflies and made up a flower pattern on the fly. What would normally have taken a couple of hours has taken me two full days. The tatting is terrible, because my tensioning is out the window and I had to stop every few stitches because of the pain. But anyway, I am thankful that I am tatting at all and hoping it will all heal up soon.
These colors are much more my personal style and I can envision a lot more to come for this purse. This is just a start.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I got the old jeans

I found a very worn-out jeans from under some old clothes and gave it a wash, and you can see here that it is really very faded.

I plan to make the bag from scratch. I was looking at it for a long time trying to figure out how to begin. Finally, I took out the scissors and cut it along the inside seams of both legs. Now that it is laid out flat, hopefully I can get a better idea of how to make the bag. I want to keep the back pockets as part of the bag.

Well, that is as far as I got at the moment. But I am getting ideas, now that I can see as a flat piece of fabric and not as a pair of jeans.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saw an example

I was in Memphis this past week on business and went to Hobby Lobby. They were selling jean purses, all decorated and ready to go. What I noticed is they made the bag a lot differently than I am. The center front and center back of the jeans were the side seams of the purse, so the fly of the jeans had been removed. That gave you a back pocet and side pocket on the front of the purse, and they had made the back side a single zipper pocket. Interesting approach- not the angle I had thought of.